Carlos Niklitschek: (Partner, collaborator & Founder), Industrial Civil Engineer, MBA. He is the CEO of and is in charge of leading and finding the best team to develop this project.

Pedro Barroso: (Partner, collaborator & Founder) Commercial Engineer, in charge of sales and incorporating new sellers to He is also one of the most experienced Product Testers.

Isidora Solari: Head of Marketing and Content. Commercial Engineer, with experience in the areas of sales, imports and Marketing. She has been a Marketing advisor for other distributors of bicycle brands in Chile, creator of a community of female cyclists called "Reinas del Pedal"

Sofia Abrigo: Category Manager. Commercial Engineer, she did her internship at and stayed to work with us. Since she was a student, she has been linked to cycling events, helping with the organization and control of the riders.

Andrés Merino: Category Manager (Part-Time). Final year Business Engineering student. He did the internship at when we were just starting to include sellers in the marketplace with us and then he stayed to work permanently part-time.

Gonzalo Saavedra: he is our advisor to improve its SEO performance. He has extensive experience working with other large companies and he has been with us from the beginning, to optimize digital marketing investments.

Alejandro Ramirez: he is our expert in Investments in digital media. He is from the Agencia Orquesta and is in charge of putting into action our branding and paid search campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Camila Vidal: is our web designer, belonging to the Independent Design Agency and is in charge of the graphics Designs we use on the Site, mailing, facebook campaigns, instagram, etc.

Eduardo de Solminihac: (Partner, collaborator & Founder): one of the most recognized personalities in the world of cycling, and our Tester, Journalist and Star Editor of

Ignacio Barbosa: (Partner, collaborator & Founder): one of the most recognized testers and editors, with great cycling ability and today organizer of the Montenbaik Enduro Series National Championship.